Employee Of the Year: Office Environment and Its Employees

Office environment is, more or less, like school. Trust me, you’ll believe me when I list down the constants of both.

Kinds of People

The backbencher of school will be the procrastinator at office. The studious one in the former will be the workaholic or diligent one in the latter. Or may be they change. But the fact of the matter remains- there are similarities in the kind of people you find at school and at work. There will always be the punctual ones and


                                                                                the late-comers in both.


While your teacher yaps about a subject you’re hardly interested in (read ALL), you find it better to gaze at nothing outside and yet enjoy. Similarly in office as soon as you might sit down to work after a cup of coffee, you’d still wait for the evening tea-time that would be 2-3 hours away. You just want a break for nothing, really.

Where is a place without this anyway? While in school you compete with others to score better marks, you strive to work better than others to fall in the good books of your boss in office. Yeah, I know it isn’t applicable to all but we just can’t deny its prevalence.

So, here’s a video from the #SpriteComedyKonkout Series which takes a hilarious take on the competitor in the office. Well, he does everything to become the best employee but forgets one ingredient in his victory-concoction, DOSA: TO WORK.

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