Watch Unbelievable Wedding In India


                                                                    Marriages are made in heaven, they say.

In today’s times, people are getting married, but they are defining their own rules and challenging the traditions. They are promising to stay with each other, but in their own defined way.

Joining this club is this Kolhapur couple who married each other by hanging 90 feet above the ground in Pawankhind. That’s right, in mid air!
Meet Jaydeep Jadhav and Reshma who are a great fan of mountaineering.

In case you’re wondering what happened to the ‘pandit’ who was supposed to perform the ceremony, he was also hanging in mid air with the couple.
I bet he had the time of his life! ?

The couple has been a fan of mountaineering and that’s how they fell in love. And the daring couple decided to let their passion get a taste of their wedding.

Isn’t that super cool!

To see how this cool wedding took materialized, have a look at this video –



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